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“I trained so I could rescue you. Now I train to protect you.”

Hello and welcome to Sky Tempest — a in-progress dedication and approved fanlisting for the Hinoka of Fire Emblem Fates (if). Fates is only the second Fire Emblem game I've played thus far, so I wasn't expecting to get as deeply invested into it as I did. Although there were various characters that I enjoyed playing with, Hinoka stood out to me from the first time she appeared on my screen, all the way to the end of each route. She's a character I can empathize with and respect, someone who despite appearances is sincere, kind-hearted and truly dedicated. She is, in short, a myriad of interesting concepts and ideas and definitely one of my favorites in the game, if not the franchise. If you want to learn more about Hinoka, my thoughts on her and other information, you can read over all of this and more in the (still in progress) about section. Or if you're already a fan of the her character, please think about grabbing a code and joining the fanlisting!

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