Why, hello there stranger. I don't know how you found our secret application, but I welcome you Digital Destiny - the TFL approved fanlisting and a mini-tribute for the Korean otome game Mystic Messenger. Created by Cheritz Corportation, the company behind other games such as Nameless - The One Thing You Must Recall - and Dandelion - Wishes Brought to You -, Mystic Messenger is a departure from the typical visual novel format. Gameplay takes place in the form of chatrooms, text messages and phone calls, with some visual novel scenes appearing as the game progresses. While I was intrigued by the premise alone, it was the characters that truly managed to earn my love. And I wasn't the only one who found this game a delight, as proven by the major success it's enjoyed on both Android and IOS since it's release.

If you want to learn more about the game and the characters, you can read over the game section of the site. Otherwise if you're already a fan of the game, I hope you'll take a moment to grab a shiny button and add your name to the growling list of fans. Either way, enjoy your stay and remember that a meeting with your destiny could be but a message away!

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