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the adventures of the brown sugar outlaw and her tiny companion

Greetings visitor and welcome to Paraiso, the approved fanlisting for Michiko to Hatchin, an anime series that takes place in a fictionalized Brazilian/Latin American setting. The focus of the series is the relationship between Michiko Malandro and Hana Morenos, a woman and a little girl on the run together in search of Hana's father, a man with whom Michiko has a long history with. All the while, Hana and Michiko have to deal with scams, attempts on their lives by paid professionals, gangsters and their own clashing personalities during their journey.

I didn't hear about this series until late 2010, but I fell quickly in love with it after the first two episodes. At some point in the future, I'd like to turn this into a mini-fansite, but for now please take a moment to join the list of supporters if you too are a fan of the show.

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